Why Catfish Growers and People in Digos City Choose Us?

Here is a little bit of History about Digos City…

Digos is a second class component city and it is the capital of Davao del Sur, as of the 2020 census, Digos city population is around 191,432.  Also, it is actually a neighbor of Davao City with at least 200,000 people. Even though Digos city is known for its juicy and sweet “carabao variety mango” which is popular in the whole Philippines, on the other side a lot of people in this city LOVEs to eat seafood which includes catfish or also known as “hito”.

Compared to Davao City, there are not a lot of known hito (catfish) restaurants in Digos, however, you will definitely find some along the road – on small to medium-sized restaurants that will surely satisfy your cravings with their varieties of dishes using catfish as the main ingredient.

Catfish is not really popular in Digos (for now)

Catfish business can hardly be seen in this city, Because this city mostly focuses on carabao mango cultivation. As one of my objectives, I aim to reach those hito (catfish) farmer or grower to help them produce high quality catfish by supplying them with my high quality fry and fingerlings that are guaranteed with fast growth, bigger catfish and low mortality rate, which will also be better for your financial return. This will ensure that the catfish business in Digos city will be known in the near future.

hito harvest in digos city

Reasons why you should buy fingerlings from us…

We supply the Los Amigos catfish grower which is the largest supplier of catfish in Davao city, and we were getting a lot of good feedback from them. A lot of large hito farmers/growers recommend and trust our fry and fingerlings because they have proven the outputs based on their grow outs.

We supply fry and fingerlings that are guaranteed fast-growing, bigger catfish, and low mortality rates which will be beneficial to you as a catfish grower/farmer. If you opt to grow catfish personally, our fingerlings are perfect for you.

You don’t have to go to our place to buy our fingerlings, because we can deliver it at your location but due to the COVID19 pandemic, we ask our buyers for a minimum order. 

Lastly, if you’re someone who is interested in entering the catfish business, we can give you tips and tricks on how to cultivate the fry and fingerlings to produce high-quality catfish and we definitely sell it at a very affordable price which is good for starters like you. What are you waiting for? contact us now!

We are the best supplier of catfish fingerlings in Davao region.