Our farm is located in Calinan, Davao City. We sell high quality catfish fingerlings (for now), and we will definitely sell high quality catfish grow outs in the future. Not only we sell catfish fingerlings very cheap, but we also educate our buyers how to properly take care of these fingerlings from fry, fingerlings to grow outs. We are the best catfish fry and fingerling seller in Davao region and we only sell high quality catfish fingerlings. 


Since we are the only farm that supply high quality fry and fingerlings in Davao region, our fry and fingerlings are guaranteed fast growth, bigger catfish, low mortality rate and will be better for your financial return. If you are located within Davao region, just call or email us so you can have a visit to our farm. We also deliver fry and fingerlings to your location but due to COVID19 pandemic, we ask our buyers for a minimum order. Just contact us directly.

If you are a farmer, I encourage you to focus on growing your catfish. You can just order from us and we will intensively take good care of the fingerlings up to 15 days. This will save you a lot of time, and headache. As you know, nursing a catfish from fry to fingerlings is very challenging. It will involve a lot of time and you might probably fail due to many factors (water, temperature, weather, etc.)

We focus on producing fingerlings (for now) within Davao region. We deliver fingerlings to different areas in Davao. From Davao (Davao City, Digos, Mati, Panabo, Samal and Tagum).